Welcome to Little Fresh Pond, located in Southampton, NY.  If you have never been to Little Fresh Pond that's okay, let be your introduction to our unique and beautiful home. We look forward to seeing you here.

On any typical day, walking through the wooded acreage surrounding Little Fresh Pond, one will find a tranquil world filled with wildlife. Among the many neighbors we love, are local bunnies who play under the mature oak trees, wild turkeys who come out at dusk, turtles who quietly enjoy the secluded shorelines of the pond, and hundreds of species of birds who decorate the skies every morning. We, as humans, are just one of the many inhabitants of this beautiful place. And, The Little Fresh Pond Association is a community of residents who work to protect them all. 

The Little Fresh Pond Association is a community of people who act as guardians on the Pond. But, we cannot do it alone. We need you! Click on the DONATE link above to support keeping Little Fresh Pond safe.

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Little Fresh Pond Association, Inc. is a recognized 501(c)(3).

Little Fresh Pond Assoc., Inc.

P.O. Box 936

Southampton, NY 11969​​

Leadership Team

President: Jim Silber

Vice President: Foster Maer 

Secretary: Barbara Marsh

Treasurer: Carole Beinecke

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